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What are the Best Sinks for a Bar?

Posted by Sinks on 19th Apr 2018

There is an unmistakably large amount of sinks to choose from, and once you start looking for your perfect sink it's almost like falling through a rabbit hole; for every sink found another two appear. Here at we believe that it's our mission to unite you and your favourite sink together while making the process as simple as possible. Running a bar can be difficult, as such we have created a list of some of our best sinks that are perfectly suited for a bar, designed to help keep your dishes clean, your bar running smooth and, most important of all, your customers happy.

First up on our list we have our Franke Largo LAX110 50-41 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink. This massive sink features a 50cm x 41cm basin with a depth of 17.5cm, capable of holding more than enough water and dirty glasses/cookware to keep your bar running as smooth as possible. This brilliant sink designed by Franke is cast from the highest quality stainless steel possible, quality tested many times during the manufacturing stage and again after that; all this for your piece of mind in knowing that you're getting a product of the highest quality. As it's stainless steel it's unlikely to break when objects are dropped onto it, it probably won't even dent; despite being so thin.

Perhaps something a little smaller is what you're looking for, in which case the Franke Ariane ARX160 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is more for you, featuring one and a half bowls for extra usability: the main bowl continues to act as normal, being able to easily handle the traffic of customers after a day at work, while the smaller bowl is more suited for purposes such as holding a strainer waste, using it to defrost food instead of getting water everywhere and making a mess and so many more. You are also given the option between which side the half bowl is related to the main bowl.

Finally on our list we have the Franke Belfast BAK710 Ceramic White Kitchen Sink, a bit of a different look to those shown above. This sink is both ceramic and a belfast sink, leading to a more classical look while maintaining the functionality of a large sink; as it is a belfast sink it requires a different method of installation. This sink is more suited to your bar if you have an open kitchen, visible to your guests as this sink brings across a more traditional atmosphere to your bar, and it's ever more present if your customers can see the decor and stylings.

So there we have a quick look at three of our sinks that we believe are best suited for a bar, these sinks would be more than capable of handling the strain and they'd come out of it all unharmed in the end. This is just a glimpse into the world of our sinks and we have many more to choose from that would be equally perfect for this line of work, be sure to follow the link to them here. We thank you for reading this post and ask if you would like to stay up to date with any deals/announcements then please feel free to bookmark our blog.