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Removing the Tap Holes from Franke Sinks

Fragranite Sinks –

Please use the following instructions to knock out the tap hole if you have a coloured dot on the front of your sink.

  • (1)Check coloured stick is in centre of pre-formed taphole.
  • (2) Remove sink from the box and position the sink vertically between your legs with the sink face facing outwards and you have confirmed the taphole is for the correct hand drainer – be careful not to damage the edge of the sink
  • (3) Using a centre punch, place on the centre of the colour sticker.
  • (4) Strike the punch hard with a hammer to force the core of the tap hole out
  • (5) Clean the edge using the ball of the hammer and a round file to smooth

Option 2:
Use the drill bit provided if no coloured dot. This bit is stuck to the back of the drainer next to the sink bowl.

  • (1)Drill out the taphole from the back of the sink.

Please note: an instruction sheet will be included with the sink so refer to these also
You can also view the Franke demonstration video here: Click Here

Ceramic Sinks –

Only drill taphole from top face of sink

  • (1)Decide which tapholes you require.
  • (2)Find the centre of the pre-punched tap hole by measuring, cover the areas with masking tape
  • (3)Use a centre punch to crack the glaze in the centre of the required hole
  • (4)Use a No.8 masonry drill to drill a small pilot hole in the top (N.B. only one small hole needed)
  • (5)Using this you can then proceed to enlarge the hole to the required size by carefully using a hammer with the centrepunch