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The Benefits of a Copper Sink

Posted by Sinks on 27th Jun 2017

There are considerable practical and aesthetic benefits to opting for a copper kitchen sink. Copper sinks offer a unique aesthetic appeal in that they have what is described as a living finish. This means that, when left bare to the elements, a copper sink will take on a patina over time as it darkens from its original polished pink hues to more of a caramel brown colour. However, copper doesnt just look good it also represents a very practical choice. For a start, copper is softer than steel and is therefore more easily formed and shaped. Some copper products have antibacterial properties. This is because certain alloys of uncoated or unvarnished copper have been proven to reduce the amount of certain types of bacteria that come into contact with it. As many copper sinks are handmade, each one will be slightly different. Check the metal thickness as this is important. Metal thickness is measured by its gauge. Lower numbers mean thicker metal. For example, 14 gauge is thicker than 20 gauge. Bear in mind that copper is a soft metal and that thicker gauge sinks will stand up to use far better than thinner gauges. A 14 gauge sink will be robust and a 16 gauge is good. If you opt for a gauge less than that, your sink might be prone to dents and marks over time. You can choose a bare or a sealed copper sink. Be aware that the finish on bare copper will age and darken over time unless you polish it. A sealed copper sink will have the colour locked in but be careful about wearing through the sealant with aggressive cleaners or vigorous cleaning methods. If the sealer wears away in parts, the copper will eventually change colour in these areas, making them look different to the rest of the sink. Sealed copper will also negate the antimicrobial benefits of copper. There are various colour finishes of copper sink on the market. You might prefer a shiny, new-looking sink or a darker, more bronze one. The darker colours are achieved through various techniques to pre-patinate the copper. These types of sinks are often sealed to retain the colour. A shinier copper sink will ultimately darken on its own unless it is sealed with wax. It is important to consider all of the above factors before you decide whether a copper sink is for you. What is the case, however, is that a copper sink can add a sense a style to many a kitchen when the right choice is made.