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Sinks: Ceramic vs Stainless Steel

Posted by Sinks on 20th Mar 2018

You're finally here; brand new kitchen installed, everything looking ship shape. You take your final looks and you're pleased about the results but there's always a feeling in the back of your head that something doesn't quite look right, just out of the corner of your eye you spot it: your sink. You decided at the start that the sink would look okay when you paired with the new worktops but the overall look just falls a little... flat. As a result of this you start looking for a really great looking one but you don't know where to start. Us at Sinks know that feeling too well and because of this we are going to be bringing you a comparison between the two most popular sink materials you can buy: Ceramic and Stainless Steel.

First up we have an example of a great ceramic sink: our Franke Galassia GAK611 Ceramic Kitchen Sink, an inset sink from the people at Franke. Manufactured from the finest white ceramic available this sink boasts a large main bowl and a built in draining board for less mess during the washing up. This brilliant white ceramic sink encapsulates traditional designs and breathes new life into them with a contemporary twist; with this being said the sink is much more at home in a traditionally styled kitchen as opposed to a more modern, futuristic aesthetic.

On the other end of the spectrum we have our stainless steel example: the Franke Kubus KBX160 45-20 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink; this one being an undermount sink from the minds at Franke. This stainless steel sink comes with one and a half bowls for extra usability with the additional choice between which side the half bowl is placed in regards to the main bowl. The bright metallic finish on this sink catches the light just right and allows the sun to cast a wonderful orange glow in the morning hours; the styling of this sink means that it is better suited towards the more modern of kitchens.

Which is better?:

Stainless steel is an alloy of steel, found when combined with at least 1/10th of chromium (by mass); it's the perfect material for a sink as the "stainless" means that it is much more resistant to rusting than ordinary steel. By earning this resistance to rust nothing is lost in the strength department as most stainless steel sinks are incredibly thin while still maintaining the necessary strength to withstand years of use.

Ceramic is a non metal compound made up of many different raw materials. It's a hard material that is easy to shape and form as it needs to be fired in order to set and become the sinks you know and use today. Despite it being hard it is also brittle when thin, as a result of this ceramic sinks need to be thicker, use up more material and are therefore more expensive to manufacture, and as a result of that they cost slightly more to buy however the overall look and feel they give a kitchen more than makes up for it.

Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, and in the end it is all up to which material would better suit your kitchen and which you personally prefer the look of; we hope that we have been able to help with any doubts that you might have had with which material to use. If we have inspired you and your search for the perfect sink then please follow this link here to view our full range of kitchen sinks. If you are swaying towards stainless steel then follow this link here to see our full range of stainless steel sinks, and the same for our ceramic range who's collection can be found by following this link here.

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