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Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch - over 250 years of history

The origins of Villeroy & Boch are fascinating. In 1748, turning his back on his former career as a royal cannon maker, Francois Boch started a pottery company with his three sons in the tiny French village of Auden le Tich in Lorraine, France.

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Villeroy & Boch Kitchen Sinks and Taps

The company soon found that Luxembourg was one of their most successful markets, and in 1766, they applied for permission to set up a factory there. Permission was granted by Emperor Maria Theresia and, as a sign of special recognition, the pottery was entitled to call itself ‘Manufacture Imperiale et Royale’ – the equivalent of the British Royal Warrant.

In 1791, Nicolas Villeroy and his partners purchased an earthenware factory in the town now called Wallerfangen. Six years later, Villeroy became outright owner of the business and began an extensive process of modernisation. Not only was he one of the first people to use coal in the manufacture of ceramics, he also called in some of the finest experts from England and France to assist with the improvements. The most significant advance made by Villeroy at this time was in the field of pattern printing. In 1815, he implemented the copper printing process which enabled patterned ceramics to be produced more cheaply, and they rapidly grew in popularity.

During this time, Jean-Francois Boch purchased the Benedictine abbey in Mettlach, Germany. He designed a large number of machines for use in this new factory, and effectively moved ceramic manufacture from being done completely by hand to a more productive automated process. The former abbey is still in use by the company today, and it now serves as the company’s headquarters.

Both the Boch company and the Villeroy company were highly successful. After a meeting between the owners, it was decided that in order to secure their market share, and in order to move the businesses forward, a merger would be mutually beneficial. In 1836, Villeroy & Boch was born, and the abbey in Mettlach became the company’s main base.

In 1852, archaeologists working near Mettlach uncovered a roman mosaic. The job for restoring this fell to Eugene Boch, and he soon became fascinated by the tiny tiles. Working alongside the company’s technicians, Eugene Boch quickly formulated a decorative, water resistant tile that became so successful that, by 1866, the company had to build a factory specifically for tile production. Further expansion, in 1879, led to a factory which is still the largest producer of floor tiles in the world today. The stunning flooring of Cologne Cathedral was produced and laid by Villeroy & Boch, a project which the firm completed in 1899.

Also at the end of the 19th Century, Villeroy & Boch began the first large scale production of sanitary ware, having perfected the technique of creating washbasins, bathtubs and toilets that were of a unified thickness.

Over the next century, Villeroy & Boch continued to concentrate on its three main market areas, tableware, tiles and sanitary-ware, and they are today an international market leader in these areas. The quality and reputation of Villeroy & Boch products means that they are the tableware and sanitary-ware of choice in many leading hotel chains across the world.

Forefront of Kitchen Design and Technology

Villeroy & Boch remain at the forefront of kitchen design and technology. Their products are winning awards on a regular basis, and they have some of the most unusual sinks on the market today.

The development of ceramic plus, an innovative treatment which means water and other liquids will run smoothly from the sink, and is proven to be dirt resistant, has meant that Villeroy & Boch products are easier to care for and clean than ever before.

The New Wave design, inspired by their award winning tableware is strikingly unconventional, its wave shape and asymmetrical design is certain to turn heads wherever it is installed. If you are looking for a piece which offers practicality, elegance and innovation, then a New Wave sink is the piece for you. Available in 15 different colour ways you can be sure you will find the perfect match for your kitchen.

Winner of the interior innovation award in 2011, the Metric Art sink is available with both single and double bowls and is striking in its geometric appearance. Its generous dimensions give a well-proportioned working area, and once again is available in an assortment of colours.

One of the most stunning advances made by Villeroy & Boch in recent years came with the introduction of their White Pearl and La Rose decor. Inspired by their Grey Pearl and Ivoire tableware, sinks can now be finished to co-ordinate with either of the two designs. This provides such cohesion between the two that the result is breathtakingly beautiful. The innovation won the firm a Red Dot Design Award in 2009.

In the Kitchen

When space in your kitchen is at a premium, Villeroy & Boch have created a stunning range of corner sinks which make the most of the room available in a compact kitchen. The Arena Corner sink with its beautifully arced design offers a good size bowl with triangular drainer. The Arena is also available as an integral module to take full advantage of the area available. The Solo Sink has an incredible double bowl design which is a space saver extraordinaire. Whatever you need Villeroy & Boch are certain to have the perfect product for you.

Villeroy & Boch taps offer simplicity of design, coupled with the quality that you would expect from such a long-established firm. Unlike many of their competitors, Villeroy & Boch offer a range of taps which are colour co-ordinated to blend perfectly with the sinks they manufacture. Finished with ceramic plus, the taps are UV resistant to ensure that they maintain their beautiful appearance for many years to come. Villeroy & Boch taps also include the energy saving e-tap system which decreases water consumption by up to 35%.

For over a quarter of a millennia Villeroy & Boch have stood for excellence in manufacturing. The fact that they are still winning design awards today, confirms they have the same commitment to perfection now as they have always shown. By bringing a Villeroy & Boch product into your kitchen, you are guaranteeing yourself outstanding durability and design.