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NoCalc Complete Pack Water Softener


NoCalc Complete Pack Water Softener

Product Description

To prevent limescale most people think immediately of water softeners, and then think cost, space, hassle of topping it up with salt; then don't go any further.

For example, a basic water softener for a small household typically starts at around £400. However a typical family would need to spend around £600 to £700 for a softener that is going to be effective for volume of water used.

There is the ongoing running costs - the most obvious is salt as we have to buy it separately but the hidden costs of electricity and water usage are often forgotten. Water when everyone paid water rates was 'free', however as the spectre of water metres applies to more and more homes, with the anticipated rise in water bills, water becomes an expensive commodity to consider.

Now there is an alternative.

After 3 years of development and a £2.4 million investment by a leading filtration company the unique patented No Calc was born.

Whats the difference?

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